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2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist for Florida Homeowners

In Florida, hurricane season is here. Stay on top of storm preparation to keep your home and family safe before the storm hits. 

Tips for Hurricane Preparedness

1.     Start Early

Don’t wait until the weather alert sounds to plan. Instead, start now. If you wait until the last minute, you won’t be prepared. 

2.     Gather Supplies

Avoid the rush. Get the supplies you need ahead of time. Keep your home and car stocked with the specific items that aid in a hurricane.

3.     Plan Ahead

Talk to the individuals in your household and develop a plan. Give each person the tasks they are responsible for. Also, plan for where you will go during an evacuation.

4.     Prepare to Evacuate

Have a checklist of the items you need to take with you. It’s best to have a travel bag ready for each person, including medications and other necessities. Know the details like where pets will shelter and which vehicles you plan to take. Also, make sure you have a full tank of gas.

Protect Your Property

Hurricane season is part of living in Southeast Florida. Start home preparations by ensuring you have the right insurance in place to cover hurricane damage. 

Before a storm hits, keep your property in top shape to withstand a storm by investing in hurricane mitigation. In fact, some mitigation efforts may help reduce your insurance premiums. 

To know the current state of your home, schedule a home inspection. It’s useful to schedule an annual home inspection prior to the beginning of hurricane season. An inspection lets you know of any trouble spots that may need repairs.

Top Mitigation Strategies

  • Install Shutters – Hurricane shutters make storm prep easier. Water damage from broken windows or a missing roof typically causes the most damage to homes during a storm. Hurricane shutters are worth the investment to save you time and money.

  • Wind Resistant Doors – Both exterior doors and garage doors does not need reinforcement protection from the wind. Wind-resistant doors provide better protection. For the garage, impact-resistant garage doors and garage door bracing kits offer solid options.

  • Protect the Roof – Repair any damage to your roof, including missing shingles. Also, clean gutters to allow the massive amounts of rain to drain off the roof. Determine the right roof mitigations to install for your home.

  • Install Whole House Surge Protector – A surge protector works to prevent damage from lightning to your home’s electric systems. While it’s best to turn off major systems when you evacuate, a whole home surge protector adds an effective layer of protection. 

  • Plan to Store Yard Items – Don’t leave loose furniture or toys in the yard. Otherwise, they can blow into your home and cause damage. Plan a location to store these items when a storm arrives, like a garage or shed. 

Windstorm Mitigation Inspection

At Pro-Elements Home Inspections, we offer windstorm mitigation verification. During this process, we focus on seven categories where we verify if your home meets the requirements. If so, you may be eligible for a discount on your insurance. 

Contact us to schedule a home inspection. We are here to support your hurricane preparation needs.

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